3rd John

1. Diotrephes _______ those who wanted to welcome others.
6. Treat people so that we may work _______ for the truth.
7. John wanted to _____ face to face.
8. John had no ______ joy than to hear his children are walking in the truth.
9. Gaius was _____in what he did for the brothers and sisters.
10. Gaius was encouraged to send the traveling team in a way that_____ God.
11. John was planning to come see Gaius _______.
12. Show _______ to strangers.


2. Loved to be first.
3. It gave John _____ joy to hear the
testimony about Gaius' faithfulness to the truth.
John had much more to ______.

5. Diotrephes spread _______ nonsense about John.
8. Dear friend of John.