Philippians 1


1. Paul's persecution in Rome ___________ the gospel.
4. " the _______ and praise of God."
7. Paul was in ________ when he wrote this book.
8. "Grace and peace to you from God the Father and the ___ Jesus Christ."
10. The _______ and his household were converted in Philippi.
13. Paul wanted the Philippians to abound in depth of ________.
14. Paul expected the Philippians to have sufficient ________.
16. Paul wanted the Philippians to be _____and blameless for the day of Christ.
17. He was Paul's co-worker.
19. Paul did not care why, just as long as the ________ was preached.
20. Some preached out of _______ .
21. Paul and _____were in prison in Philippi.
22. Paul was joyful because the Philippians were ________ of the gospel.
23. "For to me, to live is Christ and to die is ________."
24. Paul was the first who __________ in Phillipi.


2. Many became __________ to to proclaim the gospel .
3. Suffering for Christ is _______ of rejoicing.
5. The first convert in Philippi.
6. Paul continued to rejoice because the gospel was preached

9. "____ and peace to you from God and Father and the Lord Jesus Christ."
11. He was persecuted because of Christ.
12. They were to be able to discern what was best and be blameless.
15. Paul wanted them to abound more and more in ________.
16. This letter is written to the church in this city.
18. Paul's ______ was with the Philippian church.
19. The palace _______ knew Paul was in chains for Christ.