II Samuel: Overview

The story of David "The man after God's own heart".

     In I Samuel we learned that the Spirit of God was on David, but the Spirit would never override David's free-will.
     David had a deep respect for God's appointed leaders (good or bad)...and a sensitive heart. He mourns for his king (Saul) and his friend (Jonathan).
     God told David to make his home in Hebron (Judah). The people of Judah made him their king, but there was trouble between the families of Saul and David. David's house became stronger, while Saul's house became weaker.
     Saul's son Ish-bosheth was made king over Israel, but he was a weak, foolish man. When Ish-bosheth was murdered, David was anointed king over Judah and Israel. This is historically called the United King, but we find they are far from united.
     David captured Jerusalem and it became the capital city. One of the first things he did was bring the Ark of God to Jerusalem. David was a good and just king, and showed kindness to Jonathan's son Mephibosheth.
     The enemies of God misjudged David's strength and paid the price. But, one Spring when kings traditionally went out to war, David stayed home. The events surrounding Bathsheba changed the rest of David's life. Calamities would plague him.
     When the prophet Nathan confronted David about his sin with Bathsheba, he repented...and, the calamities on the house of David began.
     The son of David and Bathsheba died.
     Another son raped his sister and was killed by another brother.
     David's son Absalom rebelled against him and was killed.
     David almost loses his army.
     Sheba rebelled against David.
     There was famine in the land.
     The Philistines just kept coming.
     Adonijah, another son of David's conspires to be king.

     We are not told why, but the anger of God burned against the people, and God incited David to count the people. But, David did a foolish thing and counting the fighting men instead of the people. Because of this, a plague came on Israel and 70,000 died.
     David's song of delivery from his enemies gives us insight into a "Man after God's own heart".
     When David is old, Adonijah (another son) conspires to become king. The problem was that Solomon was supposed to be the king after David. Another part of David's life ends tragically.
     Solomon is anointed king.
     David cannot build the temple of God, but he makes plans for the temple.

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This study includes information from I Kings 1-2 and I Chronicles 11-29.