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Uncle Noah!
The history of childrensbiblestudy.com and Uncle Noah Talk Radio

   The better part of my first 15 years was spent on a small farm in central Oregon. My parents sold the farm when my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer. We moved to California.
   A few months later my older sister and I got on a bus and traveled to Abilene, Texas to go to school. After my grandfather died, my parents and two brothers joined us. The family moved to Lubbock, Texas to be involved in the beginning of Lubbock Christian College. I graduated from LCC and finished an Advertising Art Degree at Texas Tech University.   
    The experience of working for an advertising agency the last two years at Texas Tech was a blessing. On graduation I became the art director.  Several years later, I started my own Advertising Agency. After a few years I got out of the advertising business and became a free-lance writer/illustrator.
   My wife and I have been married 46 years, have two beautiful daughters and 6 wonderful grandchildren.  
  The desire to teach, write and illustrate Bible material for young people has been with me for a long time. The writing/illustrating officially started with the opportunity to illustrate a creation/evolution book in my middle twenties and publish material through a small publishing company.
   During this period, I went to a congregation in Lubbock as the unpaid College Minister and then to another congregation as Bus Minister. It was not long before I became a writer/illustrator for the extension department of the Sunset School of Preaching.  
   During this time the Noah's Ark publication was born.  It was a monthly "Weekly Reader" type Bible publication for young people. This was where the seed of childrensbiblestudy.com was planted. At the same time I discovered that folk would read what I wrote an began writing a monthly motivational/inspirational newsletter for the Extension School. This adventure instilled confidence to expand into uncharted worlds.
   In the early 90s, I started teaching art at a small private school. This was a challenging, delightful experience. The kids won many art awards, including several state championships. It was good to work directly with young people on a daily basis.
   As part of this experience, God provided a unique opportunity to travel in Russia to teach art and be involved in an art exchange. Three years later, I was on the team that conducted Character Counts Seminars in many cities of Russia and Ukraine. Two back surgeries ended this unique Russian experience.

Childrensbiblestudy.com and Uncle Noah Family Radio
   Another important thing happened through the combination of teaching art and Russian travel. The idea of providing animated Bible studies for families all over the world through the Internet was born. It took almost three years and several experiments with different programs to finally get to January, 2001 when we officially launched childrensbiblestudy.com.
   On May 6, 2007 we added our Uncle Noah Family Radio 30-minute program at 11 a.m. on Sundays on KJAK FM in Lubbock, Texas...as a part of the childrensbiblestudy.com ministry. Our format is talk radio with guests. Our emphasis is answering Bible questions...challenging listeners to be Bereans. The Bereans are found in Acts 17:11...they were noble because they studied the scriptures every day to make sure what was taught was true.
   I am a New Testament Christian dedicated to teaching just the Bible, not Bible tradition. If what you see in childrensbiblestudy.com is not proven through scripture, it should not be accepted. There is no value in teaching things that are not true. 
  God works in mysterious, wondrous ways.

  Charles Valentine (Uncle Noah)



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