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You asked for it! Advanced Studies

These themes are taken from emails sent by members of the childrensbiblestudy.com family. These studies are advanced and require honest, logical thinking.

Curriculum for 3-4 year olds: Who is God?

Ask Jesus into my heart?

Heaven and Hell

What is God like?

Parables of Jesus

The question of sainthood

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

What about the rapture?

Spiritual Gifts

The 1,000 year reign

Water Baptism

The Zodiac-Astrology

Absolute truth?

Jesus is alive?

What is fasting?

God's design for sex!

Miracles of Jesus

Speaking in tongues

Learning Bible books

Why do bad things happen?

Peter, the rock?

The Sabbath


Modern Christianity test

What about suicide?

More evidence that the Bible is true.

MP3 Downloads

Outlines of Bible books

Bible Correspondence Course

Games and puzzles.


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