Acts 10
3Peter went up on the roof to do this. (4)
4The choosen _______ were to preach. (9)
8Cornelius (9)
10These animals were in the sheet vision. (7)
11Anyone who was not a Jew. (7)
12It was full of all kinds of animals. (5)
17Cornelius gave to these people. (4)
19When the men from Caesarea came, Peter told them he was the ____ they were looking for. (3)
20Told Peter to go with the men from Caesares. (6)
21When Cornelius bowed down to Peter, Peter told him to stand up for he was only a ____. (3)
22God accepted all men who _____ Him. (4)
23Peter was ________ while he was praying. (6)

1Cornelius and his household were ________. (8)
2Cornelius was _________ by the Jews. (9)

5Those who heard what Peter said spoke in_______. (7)
6Simon, the tanner lived by this. (3)
7Peter was staying at the house of this man. (5)
8A God-fearing soldier. (9)
9____ were forgiven through the name of Jesus. (4)
13Appeared to Cornelius. (5)
14Peter went into a trance and saw this. (6)
15Salvation was given to believers of every _____. (6)
16Peter was stayin in this city. (5)
17He was sent to Caesarea. (5)
18Where Peter saw the sheet vision. (4)