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Advanced, in-depth studies

"Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true." (Acts 17:11)

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New Testament Books

The Gospel of John (24 lessons)
The book of John was written to create faith in unbelievers faith that Jesus is the Christ and that, through that faith, eternal life could be had. This study digs deep into the text of John's gospel, including the seven signs John used to show the world that Jesus is the Son of God, and thus deity.
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Acts (24 lessons)
Action is what it is all about! This study moves, showing the action of both godly and ungodly people as they react to the message of Jesus. The challenge of this study is one of duplicating the enthusiasm and growth of the early church.
Note: This is an exegetical study of Acts, with emphasis on the doctrinal applications it contains. For a less detailed, more historical survey of Acts, check "The Church in the Book of Acts" study.
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Romans (24 lessons)
The need for righteousness, God's provision of righteousness, and our experience of living a life of righteousness.
This course can be audited or taken for credit.

I Corinthians (22 lessons)
The purpose of this first letter to Corinth was two-fold: (1) to correct the problems which existed in that congregation, and (2) to answer questions which they had asked Paul. In this course Abe Lincoln meets these problems and questions head on as he discusses also the underlying principles and solutions that are as relevant today as they were in 55 A.D.
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II Corinthians (12 Lessons)
This study follows and explores this letter in which Paul encourages and exhorts the church to faithfulness and purity, instructs and encourages the church in the grace of giving, and gives a defense of his apostolic authority. Included are some great lessons for the 21st century church.
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Galatians (12 lessons)
This study helps us understand more fully the relationship between law and grace. We get a view of the freedom which Christ on the cross provides for all those who, by faith, follow Jesus.
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Ephesians (12 lessons)
In Ephesians, the eternal purpose of God is summed up in Christ and His church. Paul exalts the body of Christ and shows its honored place in the scheme of God to save and glorify His people. The church is shown to be the fruit of God's great wisdom.
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Philippians (12 lessons)
Philippians is a love letter written to a church that loved and provided for the man who brought the gospel to them. Even though in prison, Paul encourages the church to serve God honestly and joyfully and offers himself as an example of Christian living in adversity.
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Colossians & Philemon (lessons)
Jesus is the way out of darkness into light. He is the image of the invisible God. All things were created through Him. He is the control center of the body. Jesus is it!... number one! A study of these books will increase your awareness of the greatness of Jesus Christ and of the relationship of His people in the church.
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I and II Thessalonians
These are love letters written by Paul to Christians who were recipients of his and God's love. Faith, hope, and love are major themes in Thessalonians as is the second coming of Christ. In these epistles we get a glimpse of the inner feelings of Paul for his converts.
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I and II Timothy and Titus (13 lessons)
These are Paul's letters of practical application to public worship and service, to smoother personal relationships and to sound teaching and good works. This study will clear up questions and open new doors of understanding that challenge and motivate to more dedicated service.
This course can be audited or taken for credit.

Hebrews (24 lessons)
This course reveals the contrast between the old and the new in the unfolding of God's plan of revelation and redemption. Jesus is shown to be superior to angels, to Moses, to Aaron, and to Joshua. The New Covenant is shown to be superior in every way to the Old Covenant.
Note: It is strongly advised that you take our course The Sacrificial System prior to taking Hebrews.

James (12 lessons)
Faith is at the heart of the book of James, and the living out of this faith permeates all that the writer teaches. Beginning with the trials and temptations that all believers face, James connects believing and doing.
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Letters of Peter (12 Lessons)
The general epistles of Peter give us practical guidelines for our daily lives. Peter reveals for us the glory of our salvation and urges us on to victory, holding on to God's grace in the midst of trials and tribulations. These books are a must in our growth to maturity in His service.
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The Letters of John (12 lessons)
This course explores the many valuable concepts contained in the letters of 1, 2, and 3 John. Areas of study include fellowship with God, love for the brethren and for God, forgiveness of sins, and assurance of salvation.
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The victory of Christ and His people over Satan and all his forces is the central thrust and theme of Revelation. Richard will guide you through a study of this book in such a way that you will thrill at the assurance of the protection and ultimate victory of the faithful., Inc., 2006









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