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Historical Christian Evidences
Taught by Ed Wharton

Objective Nature Of Christianity

LESSON 2- Non-biblical Writers...the Historical Jesus

LESSON 3- The Historical Reliability of the New Testament

LESSON 4- The Apostolic Fathers Reliability of the New Testament

LESSON 5- Manuscripts Show Reliability of the New Testament

LESSON 6- The Resurrection and its Implications

LESSON 7- The Resurrection of Jesus...the Empty Tomb

LESSON 8- The Resurrection of Jesus...the Change at Pentecost

LESSON 9-The Resurrection of Jesus...the Apostles’ Testimony

LESSON 10-The Resurrection of Jesus...Conversion of Saul of Tarsus

LESSON 11- Jesus, the Man of Destiny

LESSON 12- The Historical Jesus...the Mythology of Liberalism

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