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Richard Rogers
Lesson 1: Jeremiah, Prophet of Justice and Judgment
Lesson 2: Jeremiah's Preaching and Rejection
Lesson 3: The Response of Jeremiah to Rejection
Lesson 4: Jeremiah's Life Comes Into Focus
Lesson 5: A Nation's Relationship and Responsibility Toward God
Lesson 6: Jeremiah's Call and Commission
Lesson 7: A Pleading, Perceptive Proclamation
Lesson 8: Preview and Peril Presented to Warn
Lesson 9: Remorse, Reminders and Rejections
Lesson 10: Punishment, Pain, Apostasy and Promise
Lesson 11: The Prophet, the People and the Covenant
Lesson 12: Punishment and Protection
Lesson 13: God, the Potter, His Principle, People and Prophets
Lesson 14: God's Explanation for His Actions
Lesson 15: God's Fidelity and the Timetable of Tragedies
Lesson 16: A Lying Prophet, Letters to and Return of the Remnant
Lesson 17: Restoration, Redemption and Assurance
Lesson 18: Prison Prophecies, Defeat and Desolation
Lesson 19: Jeremiah's Strength and Zedekiah's Weakness
Lesson 20: Jerusalem Falls and the Remnant
Lesson 21: The Remnant's Continued Disobedience
Lesson 22: Prophecies Against the Nations
Lesson 23: Judgment on the Nations
Lesson 24: God's Judgment, a Divine Directive

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