PMB 220, 3709 19th
Lubbock, Texas 79410

Timothy and Titus
Tex Williams

Lesson 1: Introduction and Salutation

Lesson 2: The need for Sound Doctrine

Lesson 3: Teaching about Prayer

Lesson 4: Leadership in the Lord's Church
Lesson 5: Deacons and the Mystery of Godliness
Lesson 6: Instructions to the Man of God
Lesson 7: Instructions on Relationships in the Church

Lesson 8: Instructions to Certain Groups

Lesson 9: Paul's Thanksgiving and Exhortation for Timothy
Lesson 10: God's Church is Eternal

Lesson 11: Faithful Service Will be Rewarded

Lesson 12: Duties of Elders to Expose False Teachers

Lesson 13: Final Exhortations and Warnings

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