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   The term antichrist is only used in I John and II John...and used in both singular and plural form. The word represents the activities and power of evil.
   The Old Testament uses dragon, serpent or beast to symbolize the activities and power of evil. It refers to powers on earth who are the enemies of God...Nebuchadnezzer (Jeremiah 51:34) and Pharaoh (Ezekiel 32:2)
   The dragon image is used 12 times in the book of Revelation, and symbolizes that which opposes God.
   I John 2:9 refers to many antichrists who came out from among them.
   In I John 2:22 antichrist is a liar that says Jesus is not the Son of God.
   II John 7,8 says a deceiver is antichrist, one who as already gone out into the world.

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