By Gene McCarty

    This book is written to a particular tribe of the nation of Israel, the Levites. The purpose is to give direction to their primary function in this nation, that of priests. The book includes a listing of the laws of Israel and the information necessary to allow the priests to carry out their responsibilities faithfully. 
    In this study we need to realize that this law was given to only one nation of people. It is true that all people can probably benefit from a study of this law, however we must realize that some parts of this text would never have been given to any other people because the purpose of Israel was to provide the Messiah for the world, and God wanted the people of Israel to keep their bloodline pure.
    This book clearly indicates the importance of preparing for the Messiah to come, and also provides us with information about the culture in which our Lord was raised. Also, we should not discount the book and its law because it was given to another people. Some of the laws listed in this book are universal by nature, and are included in all covenants that the Lord has given to men. 

  1. Chapters one thru seven and verse twenty-one lists the rules about offering sacrifice for the sins of the people.

  2. Chapter seven and verse's twenty-two thru twenty-seven restrict the eating of fat or blood.

  3. Chapter seven verse twenty eight and following direct the share of the sacrifice that the priests are to be able to use.

  4. Chapter eight gives direction for the ordination of Aaron and his sons as priest.

  5. In chapter nine the priests begin their work and by chapter ten Nadab and Abihu have let the fire of God burn out and are killed because they substitute a strange fire.

  6. The rules describing what is to be considered clean or unclean are listed from chapter eleven thru fifteen.

  7. Rules for entering into the Most Holy Place on the day of atonement are given in chapter sixteen.

  8. Chapter seventeen thru twenty-two give a general listing of law.

  9. Chapter twenty-three is the chapter of feast.

  10. Chapter twenty-five gives information about the sabbatical year and jubilee year.

  11. The promise of punishment to those who will not follow the commands of the Lord are listed in chapter twenty-six.

  12. Chapter twenty-seven gives detail of how man may meet his debt when he has made a promise to the Lord and has been unable to keep the promise



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