By Gene McCarty

    This book gets its name from the numbering of the people of Israel and covers a period of about 40 years. It begins at Mount Sinai and continues through 4 periods of time until the last encampment at Moab.
    There are many lessons to be learned from this book. The most important lesson involves man's great need to do the will of God. 
    God had already set this large group of people free  from Egyptian slavery and had used many miracles to show his determination to bless them. But, they did not have faith in God or obey him unless a strong leader led them in doing it. 

1. Chapters 1 and 2 give us the guidelines for counting and organizing the camp pf  Israel...and a list of each tribe. The were 603,550 men 20 years or older who were able to serve in the army.

2. Chapter 4 assigns duties to the sons of Aaron as their families were to be involved with the Tent of Meetings.

3. In chapter 5 the requirements of the Nazirite vow was given. This was a special vow of separation to the Lord.

4. Chapter 6 deals with purity in the camp of Israel.

5. Chapter 7 gives details of the construction and completion of the tabernacle.

6. Chapter 8 -10 describes the Levites being made ceremonially clean so they can begin their priestly service.

7. Fire and quail are sent from God in chapter 11.

8. Chapter 12 tell us of the exploration of the Promised Land. The general report was that the Israelites could not take the land. A rebellion against God is found in the 14th chapter.

9. Another rebellion begins in chapter 16.

10. In chapter 20, the people murmur against Moses and Aaron again. Moses does not honor God, strikes the rock and takes credit for the water that comes out of the rock. Because of this he was not allowed to enter the Promised Land.

11. In chapter 21 we find the story of poisonous snakes invading the camp and Moses raising a bronze snake.

12. In chapters 22-25 the Moabite king tries to get Balaam to curse Israel. As Balaam travels to curse Israel, his donkey talks to him. God would not allow Balaam to curse Israel.

13. The people are numbered again in chapter 26.

14. Moses is allowed to see the Promised Land.

15. The rest of the book is more laws and rules given to the people before they start to enter the Promised Land.


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